Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant


Long Life Organic Additive Technology Coolant Concentrate KALIKA Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant is a silicate free , phosphate-free, nitrite free, and amine-free, fully formulated hybrid organic additive technology engine coolant. This product does not require a charge of supplemental coolant additive (SCA) during the initial fill. KALIKA Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant is designed for use in automotive, light duty and heavy-duty diesel applications.

KALIKA Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant can be used in automotive and heavyduty applications. It is compatible with heat rejecting aluminium surfaces and is suitable for use in Petrol, natural gas and Diesel powered engines. This product is particularly suited in applications which require a hybrid technology which is SNAP Free (silicate/nitrites/ amines/phosphates free). The product is a concentrated antifreeze/coolant and should be diluted 70% with good quality water (demineralised or deionised) before use.

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  Premium Concentrate Antifreeze

 Anticongelante concentrado premium