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Our group manufactures and supplies the most stringent defence specs of products including Brake fluid meeting US Mil standards.

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Our Product are specially formulated to suit all modern vehicle’s of best brands including electric vehicle’s.

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Our product suits all modern and powerful mobike’s which require powerful braking and specialised formulations.

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Bigger vehicle’s require proper braking and specialised formulations to avoid over heating the same is designed and incorporated in our products.

Brake Fluid Manufacturer & Exporter

About Kalika International

We are kalika International company belonging to Swastik group of companies in INDIA.Swastik group is the Largest Manufacturer of Brake fluid in ASIA we manufacture around 2500 tons of brake fluid per month.We have our own Petrochemical plant to produce raw material of Brake fluid beside this we are also into Antifreeze Coolant,Greases, and other petrochemicals we cater to more then 30 plus countries around the world with our quality products with our only brake fluid volume being almost 2500 tons per month among few of the companies who buy from us are as below

We are one stop destination for all customers, we do customise product manufacturing to your needs with our R & D team. Ensuring the best quality, since we have our own petrochemical plant to customise the raw material to needs of our customers.

We prepare a perfect blend, and also have dedicated supplier’s of packaging products to ensure good quality of packing to go with our quality product.

Our dedicated team ensure that once the product is formulated as per the customer requirement, proper blending & testing is carried out, then as per customer requirement packaging is arranged and done, and finally with proper documentation dispatch take place, which is follwed by our full support to our customer till the product reaches them and therafter also if any need aries.

Kalika International provide the best service

We are servicing a global clients in more than 100 countries

  • Brake fluid is the key to stopping your vehicle.
  • When you press on the brake pedal, it’s the brake fluid that carries your command to the braking components located at the wheels.
  • Brake fluid is the life’s blood of your brake system and you’ve got to protect it.

There is not one answer for all. While some manufacturers recommend every two years, others say it is not necessary at all. Although brake fluid is contained in a sealed system and can survive for years, moisture and surrounding air can travel through the system and affect the fluid. To be sure, get familiar with your manufacturer’s recommendation and always consult your trusted mechanic.

Finding the location of the brake fluid is not as hard as it may seem. To begin, open the hood of your car. On the driver’s side, look for a master cylinder at the back of the engine bay. The reservoir with the brake fluid is right above. Most cars have a transparent reservoir with min and max lines. If your brake liquid is in between these lines, you have nothing to worry about.

  • NO,” brake fluid does not last forever
  • Just like engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid, brake fluid wears over time.
  • Corrosion inhibitors in brake fluid protect the brake system from corrosion.
  • Corrosion inhibitors deplete over time and leave the brake system vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Copper levels can increase in brake fluid and cause severe brake system problems.

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    KALIKA Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant

    Long Life Organic Additive Technology Coolant Concentrate KALIKA Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant is a silicate free , phosphate-free, nitrite free, and amine-free, fully formulated hybrid organic additive technology engine coolant. This product does not require a charge of supplemental coolant additive (SCA) during the initial fill. KALIKA Premium Concentrate Antifreeze/ Coolant is designed for use in automotive, light duty and heavy-duty diesel applications.

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